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Sight Unseen by Kasha Thompson

Sight Unseen by Kasha Thompson

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Why Knot take a chance at love?

Evelyn Townsend is the friend your parents warned you about. She's always jumping off bridges with reckless abandon. So when a reality show promises the opportunity to meet her perfect match, Evelyn is all in. There's just one major catch ... her soulmate will be picked by a panel of experts, and she doesn't get to meet him until they are face to face at the end of the aisle.

Quincy Parrish has played it safe his entire life. When he steps way out of his comfort zone and auditions for a reality television show, he never expected to be picked. Quincy doesn't believe in the concept of soulmates, and the chances this arranged marriage will work are slim to none. But he's messed up his love life for the past thirty-five years. Maybe a group of experts can do a better job.

After the "I dos" comes the getting to know one another. Living together, meeting the family, and revealing secrets all while cameras follow their every move. Evelyn and Quincy can't deny their chemistry, but can they get past the spectacle of the ever-present cameras and crew to find something real? A chance at love is better odds than nothing, even if that means falling in love while the whole world is watching.

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